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The Ongoing Journal of a Owned, Marked and Pimped out Sex Slave Toy Boy

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thoughts About the Lifestyle

As this is my first Domme/sub relationship I have had some serious thoughts about it, first of all why have I never felt this at ease in any of my other relationships and I have come to the conclusion that I AM naturally a sub, because even in my relatively few number of one night stands and when I was engaged I could never be my self because as a "general rule" the man is expected to take the lead in the bedroom and I'm afraid that is just not me.

As a Dom/me it would be easy to satisfy your needs particularly in the bedroom with simple requests i.e. could you do this or that, however as a sub it is a little bit harder because I feel it isn't the social norm to ask things that as a sub I like i.e. could you grab me by the head and fuck my face, somehow I don't think that this is appropriate bedtalk for the average person.

The second thing that I have thought about is what makes a sub a sub, I feel that in my particular case it is the simple fact that I get more enjoyment from seeing or knowing that I am making my Mistress happy than from getting any pleasure myself and since my Mistress knows this she also knows that she could get me to do ANYTHING, which leads me onto my next thought and this is the one which I have been having trouble to quantitate.

What makes a Dom/me a Dom/me and so far all that I can come up with is a Dom/me is someone who takes pleasure in having total control over someone, now I also believe that a good Dom/me would never abuse that ability that they have over their sub, because I believe that a true sub will do anything for their Dom/me (I know I will).

Feel free to post any comments or your views upon these thoughts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Interesting Events

Well over the past week a lot of things have happened that are not so good,

The first major thing that happened to me this week is that I had a car accident (I was run off the road by a truck) but the worst thing about this was not the accident in it self (No-One was hurt) the worst thing was that the car that I had the accident in was my Mistresses, understandably she is not to happy about it. Although the accident was not my fault I can't help but feel very bad about it.

"To err is human,
To forgive is divine."
and knowing this I just can't forgive myself, in fact the funny thing is I can't shake this feeling that I need to be punished over this incident.
The next WONDERFUL (not) things that happened to me was that my mobile phone was stolen from me so now not only can I not get in contact with people that I know (it had all the important numbers in it) to tell them this but I now have to replace a mobile phone as well.
To top this off, I have for the past week and a half have not been working because of an accident that happened at work, I have just been informed by work that one of the forms that were handed in, in-regards to the accident (the doctors certificate) is not valid and I am not going to get paid for the period I have had off work because the doctor filled the wrong form, so all in all I have had a brilliant week (not).
"From the most PAIN filled incidents
Come the most potent lessons."

Monday, August 21, 2006

The thoughts and feelings of a satisfied sub

Well I thought that I was about time to actually tell everyone about how it makes me feel to be a subby, you know what although I haven't been in this relationship a long time this I can say is the best relationship I have ever had (I have had a few).

I feel amazingly understood in this relationship my Mistress somehow seems to know what I am feeling and what to do about it.

I also feel safer than I ever have in any relationship (even the one in which I was engaged for nearly 2 years) I feel that this is because although my Mistress does know that there is nothing she could not get me to do (NO MATTER how uncomfortable I am with it) she gives me this feeling of absolute trust in which I know that Mistress would never do anything that I would truly dislike, it is almost as if she has this sixth sense that she can tell if I am only doing or would only be doing something because she want me to.

My Mistress also makes me feel more loved than I have ever felt before, this only makes me want to please her in any way that I can, it makes me WANT to show her how much I REALLY do appreciate everything that she has done for me.

Entering into this relationship the way that I have has also made me feel more at ease with myself as I can finally be free to be myself.

My only hope is that my Mistress is happy with me and that I can continue to make her happy in any way that I can, also that if she is to get bored with me that she will at least let me stay friends with her as I have so much to thank her for.

Namely to be happy within my own skin and to be proud of who I am because I am a wonderful person.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Let Off The Leash......Only a little bit though

Weeeelllll Last night I was let of my leash......Well only a little bit. So I decided to go out and hit the town in a big way, the night started off as it normally would, floating around a couple of the local night clubs to try and see where is the best place to go out. I ended up settling for the local gay club for a couple of reasons lets see if you can guess them they are


a) The club had the best music.
b) The club had the best atmosphere.
c) The club had the best drugs.
d) There was a hunky beefcake there dying to be flirted with.
e) All of the above.

Lot's of dancing, flirting, drinking was done by all and a great time was had, but the thing that I most liked about the night was.


a) Flirting with the beefcake.
b) Flirting with everyone.
c) Taking copious amounts of drugs.
d) Showing off my new nipple rings.

I ended staying at the club right until close and then went to a friends place to have a after party where the usual stuff that happens at an after party went on lots of music, talking, dancing and smooshing about, but the best thing that happened at the after party was.


a) A HUGE 15 people orgy.
b) Copious amounts of drugs.
c) Deep and meaningfully conversation.
d) Mud wrestling with a Balding Gnome.

anyhow this is about all that I have to say for this blog, if you have any thought on something I could do for my next adventure I'm always interested to know


Friday, August 18, 2006

The Nipple Night

Well I got both my nipples pierced yesterday and hmmm pain wise I'd say it was about a 3/10 but holy hell was it a shock to the body....Talk about adrenalin rush....It made me feel wobbly for a good 15 min. I'm not sure if I'd like to get anywhere else pierced..... Well at least for a while.

On the good side it made Mistress really horny (I LOVED the thought of that) and I also think that they look sexy, it does feel good to have something on my body that reminds me that I am owned by my Mistress (I LOVE being owned). I was however very disappointed that my Mistress could not come in and watch, not that Mistress didn't want to because I KNOW that she really did but because of the rules of the piercing parlor stated that no observers are allowed in (something about the person watching fainting) this was a shame because I really wanted to make her proud of me, I would have loved to have looked in her eyes as they pierced my nipples so that she could see how much I wanted to make her proud, oh well some things just don't work out the way you want.

after the piercing Mistress and I had dinner and I was allowed to go out on the town, I had a ball I went out and flirted with all the boys because I know that Mistress likes me too, I made sure that the cute ones wanted to go out again the next night so that Mistress could play with the both of us.....hmm I hope they all turn out... So much fun could be had if it all turns out and there certainly are a lot of options open if they do ..... Maybe you guy's could post some ideas???

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In the beginning There was A BOY

Well In the beginning I was a boy only 26 and had lived a full and rich life.....So I Thought

Now I Have met my first Mistress yes that is right MISTRESS and WOW my life has taken a turn for the better, I always have been the submissive one in all of my relationships but until now I had never really let THAT part of me take over....Mainly because I was to shy to let it but after the breakup of me and my ex-fiance' of 3 years I decided that I was sick and tired of fitting into someone else's idea of a Boyfriend etc. So what have I done I have decided to be myself and damn anyone who doesn't understand.

So what happened I hear you ask well I met someone who is exactly what I have always wanted...
  1. A Mistress
  2. A OLDER woman
  3. Physically everything else I have ever wanted

And how do I feel about this.........WONDERFUL.....I am having the BEST sex of my life, sex MORE often than I ever used to and My Mistress makes me feel better than I ever have in my life and YES I LOVE being her toy and I do mean I am Her TOY my magic Mistress has COMPLETE USE of my mind body and soul WHENEVER, WHEREVER AND HOWEVER my mistress wants.

Now I hear you asking this can't be true, WELL yes it is, My Mistress has got me to give her oral pleasure on her lunch break, more recently she had me fucked by a man while she watched....And yes I LOVED IT... if you can't understand this then you shouldn't be reading my blog so F%#K off.

But now my Mistress wants to mark me as hers by getting both my nipples pierced...Guess what I actually want her to because the thought of having something on my body to remind me that I am owned by her is exciting, although I do not like pain knowing that she will be there with me when I get them done makes me want to do her proud and not even flinch, so in finishing I love being owned by my Mistress and want to let everyone know it.

Well that's me for this blog feel free to leave comments and I'll keep you posted on how the piercing goes

bye for now.

10 Things you need to know about me

Well here I go I've decided to start to blog my life as it has taken a wonderfull new turn, but to begin with you have to know a few things about me.

1. I am not an extrovert and am usually the shy quiet guy.

2. I have never thought of myself as a sex god or even an overly attractive person

3. I am not an Idiot and i have no time for people that are or people that think i am

4. I am a NATURALLY submissive person I can't help it, it is who I am so deal with it.

5. I AM a natrually caring and compassionate person I do care about everyone and I do care about their feelings.

6. Although I am kinky and I do love ticking every box I can in life there are still some things I won't do ..... but you are going to have to ask to find out.

7. Yes I can be slutty but that doesn't make me a slut.

8. Yes I love to with it.

9. I AM proud to be ME

10. Life IS for living LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST.